Drawings and Paintings

W E  A R E  L O V E

Dancing in the Violet Flame

The Sun in my Memory

Naar de vrijheid toe schilderen

De Atlantische Oceaan 

Dolphins in the Atlantic ocean - 160 x 160 cm - mixed media on canvas 2021

M E M O R Y  O F  T O U C H

DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS 2020 - 2021 - 2022

I love you - mixed media on paper- framed- 60x80 cm - 1100 euro (sold)

Interview door communicatie-activist Esther Barfoot.

memory of touch love love love

Memory of Touch- 76x56cm-mixed media op papier- 2020  1500 euro

love love love memory of touch

Memory of Magenta-40x30cm-mixed media op papier- 2020

600 euro

Love love love sensual body

I know that I want you- 76x56cm-mixed media op papier- 2020 900 euro

love love love sensual body

All my lovers- hunderd men-  160x190cm - mixed media op canvas - 2020 2100 euro

Sip my Dreams -56x65 cm-mixed media op papier-2020

800 euro per piece

The fallen woman- 200x200 cm-mixed media op canvas-2020 4000 euro (sold)

Facing the fear-60x80 cm-mixed media op canvas-2020

800 euro

Embrace myself- 60x80 cm-mixed media op canvas-2020

800 euro

Isolated-150x180cm-mixed media op canvas-2020

700 euro

De Zwemster-mixed media op papier-2021

1500 euro